Calendar & Contacts Synchronization

  • To create an event e.g. for the last Friday of each month:
    • Look for a month with 5 Fridays
    • Select the last Friday for the initial Event
    • Click on "Repeat …"
    • Click on monthly, one month, repeat on day-of-week
    • Summary then shows "Repeat every month on last Friday"

Used to provide CalDAV/CardDAV services.

An easy workaround to change round photos to square ones would be to use the new theming_customcss https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/theming_customcss app with the following oneliner:

.contact__icon, .contactdetails__logo, .contactdetails__header avatar { border-radius: 0 !important; }

Posted on github:


  • DAVx5 (formerly DAVdroid) synchronizes both Calendars and Contact

CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync


  • synchronizes with ICS files on the web

Addon: Lightning

  • Calendar-addon which is now integrated in Thunderbird.

Addon: StartupMaster

  • If a master password is used then this addon takes care that the master password is only queried once.
  • Especially useful when Cardbook is also installed and multiple remote address books are used.

Addon: Cardbook

Addon: Awesome ldapInfoShow

  • Show contact photo and other info from Local Dir, Addressbook, LDAP, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Gravatar etc.
  • Can retrieve standard photos from gravatar.com

Addon: Inverse SOGo Connector

Addon: Contact Photos

  • Many contact photos not shown
  • Can retrieve standard photos from gravatar.com

Addon: Display Contact Photo

  • Many contact photos not shown
  • Can't retrieve standard photos from gravatar.com
  • Works relatively well
  • Can retrieve standard photos from gravatar.com

KDEPIM 4.14.10

  • Many menus etc. not yet localized

KDEPIM 15.12.0 (KF5)

  • Most Menus etc. now localized

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