Useful Dokuwiki Plugins

  • ACL Manager by Andreas Gohr (bundled)
  • Anchor Plugin by Eli Fenton (don't use)
    Provides HTML anchors which can be used for URLs instead of lengthy header names.
    :!: Unfortunately these anchors don't work when rendering a page to PDF with dw2pdf plugin.
  • Active Directory Auth Plugin by Andreas Gohr (bundled)
  • LDAP Auth Plugin by Andreas Gohr (bundled)
  • authpdo plugin by Andreas Gohr (bundled)
  • Plain Auth Plugin (bundled)
  • baselink Plugin by Robert Meerman
    Makes links beginning with "/" present as (always valid) internal links that point
    relative to your domain's root. Format is [[/pagename|optional title]].
    :!: Needs fixes for PHP 7, and check if this still works in DW Greebo and later.
  • catlist plugin by Félix Faisant
  • codedoc by Myron Turner
  • color syntax plugin by Harald Hanche-Olsen
    Opportunity to write colored text in DokuWiki, <color lightgrey>, <color #FF0000> etc.
  • Comment Syntax support by Satoshi Sahara
    Allows C-style comments /* ... */ to leave comments in the page source.
  • Configuration Manager by Christopher Smith (bundled)
  • Dw2Pdf plugin by Andreas Gohr and Luigi Micco
    DokuWiki to PDF converter. See also this bug.
  • Extension Manager by Michael Hamann (bundled)
  • include plugin by Michael Hamann et al.
    Functions to include another page in a wiki page.
  • Indexmenu Plugin by Samuele Tognini
    Requires defer_js to be disabled in the configuration
    if running DW Hogfather.
  • Info Plugin (bundled)
  • LoadSkin Plugin by Anika Henke
  • MathJax plugin by Mark Liffiton
  • Math Plugin by Christopher Smith
  • Multi Line List Plugin by Adrian Sai-wah Tam
    Allows multi-line lists (like this one)
  • Move plugin by Michael Hamann, Gary Owen, Arno Puschmann, Christoph Jähnigen
    Move and rename pages and media files whilst maintaining the links.
  • noprint (obsolete)
    Feature also provided by the wrap plugin.
  • Pagebreak Plugin by Jonathan McBride and Chris Sturm (obsolete)
    Feature also provided by the wrap plugin.
  • Revert Manager by Andreas Gohr (bundled)
  • safenrecode by Andreas Gohr (bundled)
  • smtp plugin by Andreas Gohr
    Send mails via a configured SMTP server.
    Replacement for Swiftmailer Plugin.
  • Source Plugin by Christopher Smith
    Should be useful to allow text inclusion from other files as text block, e.g. <source filename #start-end language|title>
    :!: Needs fixes for PHP 7, and may not work with current DW versions.
  • styling plugin by Andreas Gohr (bundled)
  • Swiftmailer Plugin by Andreas Gohr
    Deprecated, use smtp plugin instead.
  • Tag Plugin
  • text plugin by Michael Hamann
  • DokuWiki Upgrade Plugin by Andreas Gohr (bundled)
    Automatically upgrade your DokuWiki install to the most recent stable release.
  • User Manager by Chris Smith (bundled)
  • Wrap Plugin by Anika Henke
    <WRAP clear/> Clear floating e.g. around images
    <WRAP pagebreak/> Force a page break when printing
    <WRAP nopagebreak>...</WRAP> Prevents page breaks within enclosed paragraph
    <wrap noprint>...</wrap> Prevents enclosed text from being printed, only shown on web page
    <wrap onlyprint>...</wrap> Enclosed text is only printed, not shown in web page
    <wrap hi>...</wrap> Highlights enclosed text
    <wrap todo>...</wrap> Emphasizes text in a specific way, and places a TODO icon in front
  • Bootstrap3 Template by Giuseppe Di Terlizzi
    Mark the fluidContainer checkbox to get 100% screen width.
  • File conf/userstyle.css can be created to add user-defined styles, e.g. to set the cell padding for the exttab3 plugin:
    .exttable td, .exttable th { padding: 0.3em; }
  • Change tocminheads which determines if a table of contents is to be displayed.
  • Change Date format (dformat) to international notation, e.g. from %Y/%m/%d %H:%M to %F %H:%M or %F %H:%M%z

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