VMware Workstation Fails to Start on openSUSE Leap 15.2

After an upgrade of openSUSE Leap 15.1 to Leap 15.2, VMware workstation 15.5.6 tries to compile some modules for the new kernel, but fails with errors like:

I005: /tmp/modconfig-zS51oO/vmnet-only/userif.c: In function ‘VNetCsumCopyDatagram’:
I005: /tmp/modconfig-zS51oO/vmnet-only/userif.c:85:39: error: ‘skb_frag_t {aka const struct bio_vec}’ has no member named ‘page_offset’; did you mean ‘bv_offset’?
I005:  #   define skb_frag_off(frag) (frag)→page_offset

The problem is that Leap 15.2 comes with a 5.3 kernel which has been patched with changes that are actually in 5.4 only.

There is a github project where kernel modules for VMware are maintained:

You can clone the project:

git clone https://github.com/mkubecek/vmware-host-modules.git

Then checkout the branch for VMware Workstation VMware Workstation 15.5.6 and kernel 5.4, and build the kernel modules:

cd vmware-host-modules
git checkout w15.5.6-k5.4
sudo make install

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki@burnicki.net, last updated 2020-08-13

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