Cassette 201

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Marrakesh Express Crosby, Stills & Nash o 1969
I Dont Love You But I Think I like You Gilbert O'Sullivan o 1975
I've Been A Bad, Bad Boy Paul Jones o 1967
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Bachman-Turner Overdrive o 1974
Beautiful Noise Neil Diamond o 1976
Let's See Action Who o 1971
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Judy Garland o 1939
Robin Clannad
Hello-A Mouth & McNeal o 1972
Hush Billy Joe Royal o 1967
Son Of A Rotten Gambler Hollies o
A Laughing Gnome David Bowie o
Rock'n'Roll Never Forgets Bob Seger o 1972
Stan The Gunman Hank The Knife & The Jets o 1975
Woman You Took My Life Kevin Johnson o 1975

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Careless Love Inga & Anete Humpe
Barracuda Heart o 1977
It's A Sin Pet Shop Boys
Get Ready Rare Earth o 1970
Let's Work Together Canned Heat o 1970
Angie Rolling Stones o 1973
I Can See Clearly Now Johnny Nash o 1972

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